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Cross-sell to provide service in the hospitality industry

 The service industry also is known as the hospitality industry is using certain methods to ensure that they are getting as much revenue in as possible. This is because they are normally selling only one service, and it can be hard to get as much money as possible. This is where cross-selling comes in. But, there is some information that you as the client and the industry should consider ensuring that this is going to be a success:

What is cross-selling?

Most people don’t know what cross-selling is, and they also don’t know what it has to do with the service industry. Cross-selling is where a hotel or any other hospitality industry offer some other products as well, that they can use to ensure that they are getting some additional revenue or profit. Like offering other services that are additional to the fee for staying at the hotel.

The thing about the hospitality services is that they are limited in ways to make money. So, they are using cross-selling to make sure that they are getting as much money in as possible.

Ways that the hospitality industry is incorporating this service

To make it even easier to understand, this is some examples of ways that the service industry is making use cross-selling. When you are booking a hotel, and they are offering you a tour service or shuttle that you can use at additional costs, are one example of cross-selling.

Maybe they also have a restaurant in the hotel, or they have a shop where you can buy things that you might need during your stay.

The importance of cross-selling

As a customer and as an owner in the service industry, it is important to know why the cross-selling is essential. The one problem that the hospitality service has, is the fact that their income is limited. Especially when it comes to the offseason when most people don’t go on holiday.

Therefore they need to make sure that they are getting as much income as possible to be able to survive the months where it is quiet and when the hotel is basically empty. As acustomer, it is important to make sure that you are aware of this important and that you are considering using the hotel’s extra services that they have to offer. This is to ensure that they are getting revenue in and to make sure that they are able to pay off all their utility costs at the end of the month.

People don’t always consider why the hospitality services offer other products and services at the hotel, known as cross-selling. However, the moment that they understand this, they are willing to spend a bit more on extra services at the hotel. However, then the hotel or hospitality service should be affordable with their additional services and they need to ensure that the customers aren’t getting overwhelmed. Then, the service industry will ensure that they are getting as much revenue as possible.

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Lending loan

Lending and Loans – What Are the Best Money Lending Streams To Consider

Lending and loans; everyone is interested in acquiring a loan for one reason or another and yet most aren’t really sure which way to turn. Today, there is in fact a mountain of amazing lending streams available and they can offer something for everyone. Which money lending streams are the best ones to consider?

Specialist Mortgage Companies

Mortgage lending and loans are highly sought after today and it’s not too difficult to understand why that is. Most people have the desire to get onto the property ladder and that essentially means they need help to buy. Getting a loan to buy the home (a mortgage loan) can be tricky to get but they are vastly popular. Anyone can in fact be eligible for a mortgage loan.

Personal Loans from Family or Friends

If you do not want to borrow money from a lending institute, you could always look at a personal loan from someone you know. Taking a loan from friends or family members can be considered a bit of a taboo but it’s really a simple solution. You can easily avoid high interest charges and get the money whenever you need it without going through the application process. However you still need to repay the money back but again you aren’t constricted with a certain time frame. Lending and loans come in all forms.

Go Directly To a Bank

Banks are usually more than happy to loan money because when they lend someone money, they have the chance to earn from the interest so everyone wins. However, banks can offer a variety of loans including co-signatory loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, vehicle loans and many others. You are best seeking a loan from a bank you know such as the one you currently bank with and hopefully they’ll give you the best deal since you’re already a valued customer. This is one lending and loans avenue to consider and it’s a very popular route also. This is probably the most used routes to acquire a loan.

Low-Income or Bad Credit Loans

The loan service industry is huge! There are thousands of avenues to explore and while many are good, some are not! However, if you are someone with poor credit or earn little per month you could be eligible for a low-income or bad credit loan. These loans work the same as many other loans with the possible exception of higher interest rates. The reason why these types of loans are higher in terms of interest is because of the risk factor. Since you don’t earn much or have bad credit, lenders class you as a higher risk lender.

Avoid Pay Day Loans

While thousands opt for pay day loans, they are really quite tricky. For many they are great and they are able to repay the balance back within a few days but then again, thousands do not and find they are unable to repay the loan fully for a long time because of high interest rates. These are a killer to most and they are very difficult to pay back especially when the interest reaches over one hundred percent! There are lots of bad lenders who offer this so these really should be your last resort! Lending and loans come in all forms but hopefully the pay day loans are the ones you can avoid.

Find Your Suitable Lending Stream

Borrowing money isn’t something most people like to do but it is unfortunately necessary in this world. However it doesn’t have to be too traumatic or difficult if you know the right solutions to consider. The above are only a handful of lending options to consider but there are many more. Find the best lending and loans for you.

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How Can You Choose The Right Residential And Commercial Moving Company?

Choosing a suitable residential and commercial moving company can often be a difficult choice. There are hundreds of movers available today and they all look competent. Unfortunately this is a decision you must make and it cannot be taken lightly either. Making a hasty decision into which moving company is chosen could lead to disaster. Do you really want to put your office or home items at risk? Of course not and there is no need to; but how can the right moving company be chosen?

Enquire As To Their Flexibility

When will you require the moving company and will the residential and commercial moving company be available at your chosen date? These questions need to be answered before you start making any decisions because if the movers aren’t available on a particular day, you either have to change your moving day or look elsewhere. Now, in most cases, it’s best to book a moving company in advance so that you know on your desired day, they will be available.

What Services Do They Offer?

In most cases, residential and commercial moving companies will be able to offer you a basic moving package that consists of them loading your goods and transporting them to a secondary location. However, there are some movers who are uninsured and as a result will not take responsibility for loading breakable goods. Also, some moving companies specialize in commercial moving and if you require a mix of both commercial and residential moving, this isn’t a suitable choice. It’s important to find out about the services of a mover so that you know the company is able to handle residential or commercial moving or a combination of them both. Click here !

What Size Is Their Fleet?

When you look into limousine party bus rental, you know what to expect from the company and it’s the same when you look at movers. You absolutely need to be fully aware of the size of the moving fleet because if they do not have a fleet big enough to move your desired items then they may not be the suitable option. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t still choose them but it means since they have smaller trucks available, more trips will be necessary and that costs more money too. It’s something you have to consider when choosing a moving company as you don’t want to spend more than absolutely necessary.

Be Clear Before You Decide

Moving is a stressful time for anyone and if the wrong movers are chosen then things is made much worse. That is why everyone must stop and think about what they actually need from a moving company and what they can offer so that the right decision can be made. It isn’t actually too difficult to choose and if you find one who offers a decent service and is a true professional, you should be fine. Residential and commercial moving is always going to present a few challenges but with the right help, it can be a piece of cake.

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The true importance of the service industry

The true importance of the service industry

Service sector can be an alternative to get around the unemployment that hits the industry hard. The service industry today has an important representation for the global economy; Its growth is seen as a promise for the country’s development. The sector currently represents a big deal for people from all over the world. This area is indeed the largest generator of formal jobs in most countries across the globe.

The importance of service activities in our society can be demonstrated, on the one hand, by the position they occupy in the economy, whether through participation in the Gross Domestic Product or the generation of jobs, and by the analysis of trends and transformations that the world economy is experiencing. Another corroborating factor for its position is that the service activities play an important role in the performance of other sectors of the economy, especially the industrial sector. This role can be summarized as a competitive differential in the Industry Service business, as a support for manufacturing activities, and as a generator of profit.

Being prepared for the Industry Service

On the other hand, if the Industry Servicesector presents itself as a labor market alternative, it is also necessary to have preparation to work in it, through continuous improvement and adaptation to the characteristics of the sector.

The true importance of the service industry

According to specialists, it is convenient to remember that the service has some characteristics peculiar to the manufacturing sector that need to be understood, such as:

  • Intangibility: services cannot be seen, tasted, sensed, heard or smelled before purchase.
  • Inseparability: services cannot be separated from providers.
  • Variability: the quality of services depends on who provides, when, where and how.
  • Perishability: Services cannot be stored for later use or sale.

All of this represents an even greater challenge to operate in the Industry Service.

In order for the professional to understand the sector a little better, specialists classify the types of services:

Professional services:

Professional services tend to be people-based, rather than equipment, with an emphasis on the “process” (how the service is provided) rather than on the “product” (what is provided).

Examples: management consultants, lawyers, architects, surgeons, auditors, security inspectors, some special services in the area of ​​computers, among others.

Mass Services:

These services are generally predominantly equipment-based and product-oriented, with most of the value added in the back office, with relatively little trial activity by front-line staff.

Examples: supermarkets, national road networks, airports, telecommunications services, bookstores, television stations, service in a public service, among others.

Service Shops:

Characterized by levels of customer contact and personal freedom of decision, which positions them between the extremes of professional and mass service. The service is provided through combinations of front office and Rear, people and equipment and emphasis on the product / process.

Examples: banks, shops in shopping streets and shopping malls, tour operators of leisure, car rental companies, schools, hotels, among others.

For the teacher, if the person is sufficiently qualified to work in one of the types of related services, he has an excellent option to face the crisis and to develop good skills to Industry Service, otherwise the worker has to hurry to improve himself, looking for some training In the area of ​​services that can contribute to obtaining the necessary employability.

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Why Choose Limousine Party Bus Rental For Your Next Party?

Everyone wants to have fun at a party and what better way to enjoy than with a limousine party bus rental? These are some of the best rentals you can hire for a special day and they are going to set the day off just right. However, there are many who remain unconvinced over these rentals as, so is a limo party bus rental right for your party and if so, why should you choose to rent one?

Convenient For Large and Small Groups

If you aren’t sure a party bus rental is the right option for you, why not think about how intimate an event can be? When you ride in a limousine party bus rental you have a select group of people you want to celebrate or spend time with. This is very special indeed and so unique as well which does put a great spin onto the day. The best thing of all, the limo party buses is great whether you have one friend accompanying you or dozens. They are suitable for small and large groups and they can give you the chance to arrive in style! Rent a limo and you’ll see how amazing these are.

It Makes A Day More Special

Have you ever been inside a limousine party bus rental? No, well it can be pretty big, spacious and full of potential. You can actually host a party on board and it’s a good idea for those who want to celebrate an occasion in a different manner. Yes, some would say the party buses are strange but they are quite appealing and so great for those who don’t have a lot of party space at home. Your day can be made a little more special and there is enough room for everyone to climb on board so no-one misses out. Click here!

Not Overly Pricey

Renting a party bus can be such a good idea for almost any event. You can rent a limo or party bus for very little which is perfect for those on a small budget. As most will understand, organizing a special event on a tight budget isn’t easy but with a simple limo or party bus rental it can be made much easier. Also, you don’t have to worry about booking a dance hall or a hotel as the bus can host the bulk of the event. You get to ensure everyone has a great time and people will remember the day for the right reasons too. The fact the price for rentals isn’t too high is another great reason why more are choosing to hire these today.

Enjoy Your Party in Style

Trying to create a special atmosphere and to make everyone feel involved is hard because parties are loud and sometimes you can lose track of people. However, there are ways to make a party more special and intimate with just a select group of friends. Party bus rentals are going to give you that chance and they can be fun. Rent a limo and see how they can make your day feel intimate and special.

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Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

You need to know when it might be time for roofing repair and replacement, so that you can keep your home in good condition, and to make sure that you are safe and secure in your home with a perfect roof. We tend to forget about the condition of the roof of our homes. We only look at the inside and outside of our home for signs of repair needed, but we don’t always look at the way roof’s condition might be. Here are some signs that you need to know that you might need a new roof in your home.

Your roof is older than 20 years download (3)

When you are consulting with a roofing repair and replacement company, they will tell you that if the roof is older than 20 years, it might be time to consider replacing the roof of your home. Then, just doing some repairs might not be good enough.

You need to remember that the roof of your home is taking lots of strain with the weather. We are talking about good and bad weather. And, your roof is keeping you and your family protected.

Roof looks old and run down

The second sign that you might start thinking about roofing repair and replacements, is if the roof is started looking old and run down.

If you are living in the home for some time and you know that you did some roof repairs a while back, then you don’t need to consider replacing the roof immediately. However, if you moved to the place recently and you don’t know the condition of the roof, but the roof looks old and ran down, it might be best to consider roof replacements. A consultant or professional will be able to tell you if the roof just needs a new paint job or some serious repairs.

Leaking roof

A normal roof that is leaking just a little bit, isn’t really serious. But, if you have a roof that is leaking a lot and in most of the rooms, when it’s raining, then you are going to think about replacing the roof. This is because there will be normally some serious damage, when the room is leaking a lot. Then, repairing a roof might not be your best answer.

You need to have a roof that is going to keep you and your family dry. But, if the roof is leaking in a small storm, what is going to happen in a serious and prolong storm?

One of the things that we tend to forget about repairing, is the roof of our homes. And, it is the most important part of our homes. Without a roof we will be left in the cold, rain, snow or even heat. And, all these elements are damaging the roof over time. You need to remember that you should consider roofing repair and replacement, if you don’t pay attention to the roof and the condition of the roof.

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The importance of the service industry worldwide

Some might think that the industry is becoming less important because it has been losing share in the total GDP; we are living in a post-industrial era and governments diminish attention to the service industry; and that the country will progress in the service economy, and that is where the standard of living will increase.

The service industry is much more complex than that.

The scope of this article does not allow deep analysis, but you can make some notes. Note that you have not cut any service, but only products and the service industry. This is the first point: the population does not live without consuming industrial products; if the country does not produce, you have to import them.

The service economy grows and industrial products will be imported. Why, then somewhere in the world they will have to be produced. Moreover, to make imports, a country needs foreign currency – which, in the long run can only be achieved by exporting revenues. In almost all situations the services are not exportable; soon, the country needs to sell abroad commodities and industrial products in order to maintain itself doing great economically wise.

Service industry understanding it.

The service generally depends on the producer and the consumer. So it is with medical care, hair cutting, Psychological consultation, and automobile repair it, the janitor service, a film screening, education of your child and so on. A country can – and should – expand these sectors. However, it cannot export such services for the dollars needed for imports of the things we eat for breakfast.

The second point is that the industry is losing relative share in GDP primarily because of the increase of its “productivity” in the service industry. The relative prices of manufactured goods have fallen due to the technology and increasing productivity in the industry. 20 years ago, the price of a notebook equivalent to ten tons of soybeans. Today, with the value of two tons of soybeans buy yourself a good personal computer. The percentage of industrial output in the economy is given in monetary expression. Thus, the relative weight of industry in GDP may still fall there is increase in the quantities produced.

Service sector issue.

But the service sector does not have the same capacity to increase productivity (output divided by hours worked). A psychologist attends to a patient per hour, and you cannot meet the four patients and say that increased productivity. Another example: you do not go back to her hairdresser if he warn that will cut your hair in five minutes because you need to increase productivity.

The third point has to do with outsourcing or world occurred in recent decades. If an industry retains its restaurant, it is a center of manufacturing cost. If outsource, the amounts paid to the supplier company are accounted for as a product of the service sector. It is an accounting change that “swells” GDP in the service sector at the expense of decrease in industry GDP.

The bottom line.

Neglecting the expansion and modernization of the service industry is the same as to believe that agriculture and services are sufficient to develop the country is a mistake that can be costly to the population.

Know more about service industry in this link: 

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How to hire a limo for all of your needs ?

The bachelor parties are increasingly on the rise all over the world and that is why it is so interesting to know the best services that offer you the opportunity to hire a limo. Fashion that is already common for decades in countries like the United States, conducting festivals and tours in limousines is becoming increasingly common in South America as well as Europe. To provide unforgettable moments and innovate in the commemoration, many limo rental companies recognized for offering the most modern fleet of limousines in the country, prepares a special tour for the occasion. The path can be done by the city or if you prefer the house to the ballad in a completely innovative way. Ever wondered give your friends a party with all the glamor of Las Vegas? It is much easier and much cheaper than you have ever imagined, even if you would like to hire a huge Limousine Party Bus Rental.

Ready for your next limo rental?

The Hummer, GMC H2 limo, the country’s largest limo is perfect for the celebration; the model has capacity for 16 people, internal and external lighting system LEDs, three televisions, sound equipment and video CD / DVD / MP3. There is also a full bar available, drinks can be charged separately or prefer to close a package in accordance with the taste of the couple and guests, and of course every single company provides its own perks and services when you Hire a limo.

The L3 model Chrysler 300 C White for example, is also among the most requested for bachelor parties, the vehicle has a capacity of 08 passengers, seagulls doors, sunroof, state of art sound system and the onboard entertainment is guaranteed as that are installed three televisions, video game, smoke machine, illuminated floor with 8 alternating colors simultaneously with LEDs, optical fibers and rays and to complete the feeling is of being in a party it is possible to drink and almost dance inside of it, and everything already comes like this when you Hire a limo.


What about prices?? Is it too expensive to hire a limo?

The tour lasts about three hours and costs from $ 3,000.00 to much more, the cost can be shared among friends. They are included in the driver package, gas, parking and decor. In addition, the limo can also be decorated for marriages and any other kind of commemoration. The client is the one who says what he needs and the price can be changed.  There are many companies all over the world that offer different packages, prices and models of limos, it is up to every client to look for what really best describes their needs and also their budget on the matter. Of course there are simpler limos that are just plain limos to impress and carry the bride for example, on the day of the marriage. It is always a nice idea to Hire a limo.

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5 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Or Replacement That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

5 Warning Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Or Replacement That You Can't Afford to Ignore

Your home, simply put, is a protective roof over your head. The protection from external elements, unfortunately, does end. Environmental factors like rain, snow, ice, and wind combine with changing temperatures and levels of humidity to wreak damage to your roof. Because of this, preparing for both roofing repair and replacement is of top importance. Luckily, there are warning signs to bring attention when it’s time to do this preparing.

1. Roof Age 20+ Years:

One of the biggest warning signs calling for roofing repair and replacement is because the current roof has met or is approaching past the manufacturer’s life expectancy year. Your roof is constantly wearing out with each passing day. Knowing and taking into account additional factors, like climate and weather, helps to determine susceptibility to future damage. Packed with this information, you can take the most important first steps before hiring contractors–whether you need to completely replace your roof or merely replace shingles or more information about Average Life of a roof at

2. Granules in Gutter and Downspouts:

asphalt shinglesThe most popular roofing materials appearing on homes today are asphalt shingles. They are durable, priced well, and attractive. Asphalt shingles also all have granule surfaces. These granules look like grains of sand and protect shingles from ultraviolet rays of the sun. One alert that you need roofing repair and replacement is evident when granules appear in the gutter and downspout. The best time to check is after a fairly decent size rain.

3. Algae or Moss Present:

algaeWhile this warning sign varies via geographical location, if you see algae or moss growing on your roof it may be time for roofing repair or replacement. Those in damp or humid climates are most likely to experience algae growth on their roof. It is also important to note that algae and moss often appears on shaded areas of the here to read more info on how to get rid of Algae which can damage your roof.

4. Missing, Loose, or Split Shingles:

Twice every year it is important to visually inspect your roof simply by stepping outside and taking a look using binoculars. This helps you assess the roof’s status. Checking for missing, loose, or split shingles helps you determine whether you need a roofing repair or replacement. In general, damaged or missing shingles needing replaced might be as simple as installing in some spare shingles from your last job. Loose shingles, of course, should be re-fastened. Overall, noticing these type of shingles could be the first sign that the shingles have reached a time where they are no longer useful and they are to be replaced.

5. Flashings Damaged or Corroded:

FlashingsAnother externally visible warning sign is apparent when looking at the roof flashings. Flashings are sheet metal specifically shaped and designed to prevent water penetrating the roof system. Corrosion is common because flashings are used in areas likely to leak. If flashings are either damaged or corroded a roofing repair or replacement is required. Doing so helps avoid moisture intrusion, a high cost.

Checking the condition of your roof twice a year is important home maintenance. Knowing that warning signs like cracked caulk, rust spots, or bulking shingles all signal time for roofing repair or replacement. Catching warning signs before too late is something you can’t afford to ignore.

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Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

One of the most important, and possibly expensive, maintenance for your home is the roof. As the main source of protection from the external world, roofing repair and replacement is absolutely critical. Deciding whether to repair or completely replace what you have is a large source of confusion for many homeowners. The high cost of choosing correctly can be saved just by knowing the difference.

Factors Influencing Decision to Repair or Replace

ReroofingBefore you even begin looking into contractors and companies to work with, it is important to note the extent of repair needed. When contemplating roofing repair and replacement, you can begin by taking into account several variables. First, check into the age of current shingles. Checking where your roof is within the lifespan designated by shingle manufacturers is one of the quickest ways to determine your needs. It is also important to take into consideration your area’s climate and how vulnerable to future damage your home might face. Investigating these factors helps answer specific directions on whether you’re able to simply patch leaks and damaged areas or whether partial to complete reroofing is necessary. While deciding to repair the roof appears less expensive, taking into account the specific variables of your project can save money in the long-term.

When to Decide to Repair Your Roof:

If your roof is within the first half of its timeframe and you have not experienced previous leak problems your best route is likely to simply repair your current roof. Another way that you can avoid serious roof damage requiring replacement work is by detecting roof leaks early. Every year you should check into your roof’s health for roofing repair and replacement needs. read more info about how to extend the life of your roof at Checking for any missing, curled, or crooked shingles are early detection signs. Damaged or missing shingles can simply require replacements be installed. Dealing with missing, loose, or split shingles is relatively easy and inexpensive. Asphalt shingle roofs, the most common, are the easiest type to repair. However, this requires attentive checking into the condition of your roof at least once a year. Doing so can save thousands of dollars and avoids a damaged roof becoming hazardous to occupants.

When it’s Time to Replace:

Knowing the manufacturers claim for the life of their roofing products is one of the quickest ways to begin to learn your roofing repair and replacement concerns. If you are nearing the end of your roof’s given life expectancy or if you have been hit by a lot of bad weather, it is safe to assume partial or completely new reroofing is in order. Partial reroofing is an option that will cost thousands of dollars less than replacing the entire roof. However, this may cost more in the long run as you will inevitably have to replace the other half in a few years time. The biggest thing to consider the cost by asking how long you plan on living in your home. If you plan on staying in for some time it may be worth it to reroof completely and spend more now to make sure the job is done right, minimizing future expenses. If a complete reroofing is in order, it is also necessary to decide whether to roof over your existing roof or whether to remove it all. If you already have two layer shingles, the decision has been made for you by the International Residence Code. Otherwise, the choice whether to install your new roof over the existing one or if you should tear the old one down has expense factors that may help you decide.Click here to read more info on how to choose the right roof for your home.

Roofing, in its entirety, is a long and complex job. From decisions made even before contractors and shingle manufacturers are chosen to the level of work necessary to get the job done, homeowners must be prepared for research what is their best option. While roofing repair and replacement may seem costly, the protection a roof offers occupants is worth it.

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